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Economic growth is not zooming ahead taking inflation up with it, which should help allay inflationary concerns bedeviling the bond and stock markets.
Perot is the clear hero in this tale, portrayed (as on the cover of the hardback edition) as a David bedeviling Goliath.
Electricity Daily noted that last year's study provided "an extensive breakdown of many of the thorny issues presently bedeviling the industry.
There are 58 separate variants now available of the chapter called "The Wife of Bath's Prologue," and differences abound, bedeviling literary scholars.
The question bedeviling the Clinton administration now is whether the White House in fact became the most luxurious of hotels, available to those who could pay top dollar.
What has won our vote for Clinton is the focus he has kept, throughout his campaign, on job creation, the economy, education, the environment, and all the other problems bedeviling domestic tranquility.