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In typical applications, bedding compounds make cables round for easier pulling by installers.
Table 1 shows select criteria for 10 representative bedding compounds.
As LOI requirements go up, the bedding compound needs to be more flame retardant.
These environmentally safe products outperform conventional products used in broad range of industrial and consumer applications, including oil and hazardous liquid spill cleanup and control, oil/water filtration, packaging and commercial/retail animal bedding and litter.
At Bedding Stock, we want to reciprocate their bravery and service to the country.
Part of Bedding Stock's business practice is to give promos during special occasions.
Atlanta-based Simmons Company, through its indirect subsidiary Simmons Bedding Company, is one of the world's largest mattress manufacturers, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of products including Beautyrest(R), BackCare(R), Beautyrest Black(TM), Natural Care(TM) Latex, BackCare Kids(R) and Deep Sleep(R).
CONTACT: Bill Creekmuir of Simmons Bedding Company, +1-770-673-2625; or Alan Oshiki of Broadgate Consultants, +1-212-232-2354
com, the retail site that offers top quality bedding at affordable prices, is preparing for the most popular time of year for spending as the Class of 2012 and future graduates prepare to shop for their dorms to create their home away from home.
The company ships bedding sets, blankets, comforters and pillows across the United States, and has introduced free shipping on all orders and a series of special offers and discounts, including new lines such as City Scene's Branches 'French Blue' at less than half price.