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an ornamental plant suitable for planting in a flowerbed


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You can order our collection of 132 bedding plants for half price, only PS23.
Wigan council are seeking a supplier of summer and winter bedding plants to be delivered to various locations within the wigan borough as per the specification.
Bulbs were provided by Colne Valley Lions while bedding plants and compost came from Huddersfield and District Round Table.
Many gardeners who want instant colour end up shelling out on packs of bedding plants - but take care, because some annuals are better than others.
Have a look through the remaining compost to check for troublesome grubs as vine weevil grubs can be devastating to bedding plants.
They will now move on to add bedding plants to other gardens around DZG's 40-acre site.
If you live in a cold region, don't be tempted to plant out your summer bedding plants until the end of this month or even early June.
Now we are told that as part of the cuts, bedding plants will no longer be used, resulting in an annual saving of PS100,000.
The process of removing the bedding plants will start on September 30, to make way for winter bedding to be planted.
In the supermarket channel there are three opportunities in which to sell bedding plants.
Most of the favourite bedding plants can be sown in the greenhouse from about March to April.
start hardening off bedding plants but put them under cover if frost threatens ?
Start to harden off bedding plants in a garden frame.
Remove forget-me-nots and other spring-flowering bedding plants past
Put Pansies with bedding plants Q My cucumber plant has developed large brown spots on the leaves.