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an ornamental plant suitable for planting in a flowerbed


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The wax begonia is probably more versatile, in terms of its wide range of tolerance for shade and sun exposures, than any other bedding plant.
Annual sales account for 40 per cent of bedding plants, but recently, especially in 2011, displays were ruined by downy mildew, causing yellowing, defoliation and death.
IN recent years these spectacular plants have increased in popularity as house plants, bedding plants, basket plants and container plants and, with all the wonderful variations that we now have available to us, begonias offer something for everyone.
The disease is specific to impatiens and cannot spread to other bedding plants.
Dianthus is on the short list of versatile, reliable, long-blooming fall and winter bedding plants.
The state ranks third in the nation in bedding plant production.
This has been at the expense of traditional bedding plants - and that's sad when you think how beautiful and long-lasting old favourites such as busy Lizzies and geraniums are.
Heuchera, or coral bells, is a low-growing perennial bedding plant that becomes increasingly popular each year.
She was a few steps ahead of him and was interested in every bedding plant or shrub.
Its growth habit makes it a good container candidate as well as a bedding plant.
Penge's current holdings include a 274 acre wholesale tree operation outside of Tucson, Arizona, a 17 acre tree and shrub operation outside of Houston, Texas, and a 50 acre bedding plant, tree, and shrub operation in Midland, Texas.
QI got a propagator for Christmas and I am keen to start sowing bedding plant seeds.
In these locales, planted outdoors, it blooms nonstop when utilized as a bedding plant or ground cover.
Robert McMahon, Associate Professor, Horticultural Technologies, Ohio State ATI, compared the plant quality of 4 bedding plant varieties grown under a Venntis Technologies TotalGrow[TM] Broad Spectrum Fixture vs.