bedding material

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material used to provide a bed for animals

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To a question, he said Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE are among the leading markets in the region for bedding materials.
In the Gulf, the biggest consumers of bedding materials are Saudi, UAE and Kuwait.
Similar to our findings were also the results of Eleroolu and Yalcin (2005) who reported differences in broilers growth in favor of the natural zeolitic material (50% clinoptilolite plus 40% mordenite) when added to the bedding material in broiler houses.
Ensure you are monitoring your berthing for authorized bedding material only being used.
I intend to try it as a cheekpiece on long guns and as stock bedding material for rifle actions and barrels.
It must also give comfort because their mother, unlike the badger, will not provide any bedding material for them to lie on.
In bed with The Beatles - a sample of the new bedding material from Character World
95) features over 20 projects for cats and their homes, from toys and bedding material to home cat themes.
We told them to block the doorways with bedding material and get out onto their balconies.
These results suggested that this bedding material contained endocrine-disruptive substances.
They are forced to sleep on the floors or on benches without bedding material,'' said Los Angeles lawyer Cynthia Anderson-Barker.
If a bedding material absorbs more water or urine, a lesser amount will be needed, which can save labor and material cost.
To further improve the safety of their product, poultry industry leaders at the group's annual meeting announced a two-prong approach: 1) a commitment to test rinses, sprays, bedding material and irradiation on the farm and in processing plants; and 2) participation in government sponsored research aimed at reducing campylobacter and salmonella on raw chicken.
Rice hulls are the preferred bedding material for horses and poultry.
Many of these happen at night, when the smoker is sleepy or on alcohol or drugs and the cigarette ignites bedding material or furniture.