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  • verb

Synonyms for bedazzle

to confuse with bright light

Synonyms for bedazzle

to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light


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But she, blinded by her own effulgence, suffered from a bedazzlement of reason.
Technique, which in other LINES ventures can mire itself in bedazzlement, here serves meaning.
Another poet, Rafael Guillen, recently wrote in "To Be an Instant": "Certitude comes as bedazzlement, / instants of light.
But if they can't - or won't - fight through the fog of speculation and technological bedazzlement which has so far defined this conflict, the world will continue to view Iraq through the window of television and have very little idea what is actually going on in-deed.
IF YOU'VE SEEN a Cirque du Soleil show, you know they're extravaganzas of jaw-dropping acrobatic bedazzlement, of real-life special effects - human bodies doing things human bodies shouldn't be able to do.
It had all begun with the aesthetic bedazzlement of some in facing a few texts and a few remnants whose grandeur highlighted the insufficiencies of the present and thus invited the restoration of ancient culture as a remedy.
HIS whole life has been a plot from Neverland, enacted before a world which watched, first with bedazzlement then with amused voyeurism.
From this first unexpected find and subsequent bedazzlement, Benzine develops a passion for this Jesus whom the Qur'an calls `our master, the prophet Aissa', and whose compassion, humility and indeed tenderness he is thrilled suddenly to discover.
The resulting combination of bedazzlement and puzzlement has led successive interpreters to commit a variant of the sin supposedly characteristic of eighteenth-century Whig historians: they have interpreted the ancient text in the narrow light of their own generation's favored theories and received categories of analysis.
Szanton sees this reticence contributing to a list of military ills, including the interservice rivalries that proceed unchecked, constant cost overruns, and the military's bedazzlement by high tech.
Cave invents a visual shamanism of his own, but the lure of a mystic transcends bedazzlement.
This account of readerly bedazzlement and wounding is itself dazzling, but Dirt and Desire is also marked, from its earliest pages, by tremendous anxiety about reading.
Our writing, our creations, faced with such bedazzlement, may never cease to seek after unifying principles, but they necessarily embrace ambivalence and paradox and they do not hesitate to prefer loque to loquacite, the fragment to the "chattering dynamics," the glib equations we may at times feel adequate to our ontological mystery.
21) This "keenly realized decoration," which releases the opticality of a Poons or Olitski painting in the spatial medium of colored light, shifts Flavin away from Judd, Andre, and friends toward Irwin, Turrell, and company; that is, it aligns him with a genealogy of art that often involves conditions of immersion and effects of bedazzlement ("regard the light and you are fascinated").
In Kinetic Art: The Language of Movement (1968), he completely dissociated its topic from the discotheque bedazzlement offered by Op.