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  • verb

Synonyms for bedazzle

to confuse with bright light

Synonyms for bedazzle

to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light


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So, we can stand and marvel at the visiting starships, but don't let them leave us bedazzled.
Jacqui Griffiths, who helps run Bedazzled in Bold Street, is convinced Michael has a modelling career ahead of him.
Her jeans were studded and bedazzled with colorful crystals spelling out her popular nickname, "J.
Hat specialist Sally Harper Millinery, in Hall Green, Rachel Simpson Shoes, and Bedazzled Desserts have all got together to hold the event at the Grosvenor Casino on Broad Street.
Student destined for a bright academic future opts for classes at the university of life, bedazzled by the guile an older man.
Victoria Coliandris, Piccolino; Shelley Cobb, Bedazzled Desserts; Jo-Anna Hobday, Ramada Encore.
FRINGE: Irish writer Sylvia Cullen, author of Bedazzled, spotlights one of the 19th Century's most notorious women in The Legend of Lola Montez.
As well as tender, romantic ballads, there were also moments of comedy such as Like The Cat's Pyjamas and a cover of Peter Cook's swinging theme from Bedazzled.
WE have got two great family films to be won - the kids' adventure Spy Kids and the comedy Bedazzled.
Liz, in New York to promote her new movie Bedazzled, adds: "Nobody seems to want to go out with me.
THINGS aren't looking good for Liz Hurley's big-budget Hollywood break, Bedazzled.
In fact, when the outrageously witty fashion designer was forced to fold his clothing line in 1998, some pundits suggested that the paying public had been so bedazzled by his charms, they'd forgotten to buy the dresses.
If the elegance of bee language leaves today's biologists bedazzled, it was downright incredible to naturalists in von Frisch's time.
The Bedazzled actress has also been out on fun day trips with Damian - her son from her relationship with film producer Steve Bing.
ON this day in 2000, actress and model Liz Hurley was greeted by protesters at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film Bedazzled.