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be sexually active with more than one partner

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It follows the bed-hopping adventures of modern day singles looking for love and has already starred a nude Nicole Kidman and Iain Glen.
Kenneth is a condescending, borderline arrogant but modestly respected educator by day and a bed-hopping backdoor playa' by night.
Jack Ryan is a shallow, bed-hopping GenXer; his associates at the CIA sport dreadlocks, retro-beatnik style goatees, and other MTV culture stigmata.
Royal aides yesterday criticised as 'utterly contemptible' a new biography said to portray Prince William as a bed-hopping sex machine.
There's bed-hopping, homosexuality, mental illness and warring sisters as Life In Squares tells the story of the legendary Bloomsbury Group of artists.
The point I was trying to make was that the soaps were using bed-hopping as an everyday event, supposedly imitating the lifestyle of normal people, making it appear an acceptable way of living.
6 RUSSELL Brand's bed-hopping ways haven't been curbed by his girlfriend Jemima Khan - but her beautiful white Alsatian Brian, left, appears to have tamed him.
JAMES ARTHUR has been told off CLARK over his bed-hopping antics.
On what day do you reckon long suffering Alfie will finally find out who his bed-hopping wife has been climbing between the sheets with?
Her mother, a secretary, warned Thompson that if she maintained her celebrity bed-hopping lifestyle she would be heading for a fall.
Shocked to discover that a recent drunken fumble with her boss takes the notches on her bedpost to 20, Ally enlists the help of bed-hopping next-door neighbour Colin (Chris Evans) to re-evaluate the suitability of her old flames as partners.
A GENDER-REVERSED revamp of the 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wedding, about a bed-hopping, commitment-shy thirty something who realises, almost too late, that he is in love with the only woman he hasn't slept with.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu declared himself a fan of the scandalous drama, while the Archbishop of Canterbury used his Easter sermon to criticise the self-seeking lifestyle of the greedy, bed-hopping main characters.
Certainly not the fact that ``Conviction'' is populated by sexy, bed-hopping 20-somethings and not middle-age cops and attorneys.