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be sexually active with more than one partner

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The bed-hopping Corrie bad boy (played by Bill Ward) finally gets what's coming to him after telling Tracy (Kate Ford) to pack her bags and leave Weatherfield for good.
As the entertainment capital of the world -- famous for the bed-hopping antics of its Hollywood stars -- the county trend has experts scratching their heads.
It follows the bed-hopping adventures of modern day singles looking for love and has already starred a nude Nicole Kidman and Iain Glen.
Kenneth is a condescending, borderline arrogant but modestly respected educator by day and a bed-hopping backdoor playa' by night.
Jack Ryan is a shallow, bed-hopping GenXer; his associates at the CIA sport dreadlocks, retro-beatnik style goatees, and other MTV culture stigmata.
Royal aides yesterday criticised as 'utterly contemptible' a new biography said to portray Prince William as a bed-hopping sex machine.
There's bed-hopping, homosexuality, mental illness and warring sisters as Life In Squares tells the story of the legendary Bloomsbury Group of artists.
The point I was trying to make was that the soaps were using bed-hopping as an everyday event, supposedly imitating the lifestyle of normal people, making it appear an acceptable way of living.
LONDON'S Primrose Hill set - Kate Moss, Liam Gallagher, Sadie Frost and Jude Law - used to be notorious for debauched parties, raucous behaviour and rumoured bed-hopping.
JAMES ARTHUR has been told off CLARK over his bed-hopping antics.
SOAP EastEnders (BBC1, 8pm) Last marital orders at the Queen Vic as bed-hopping Kat hears Alfie asking Roxy to move in with him.
Her mother, a secretary, warned Thompson that if she maintained her celebrity bed-hopping lifestyle she would be heading for a fall.
If you don't mind strong language, this bed-hopping hotpot is the rare sort of British drama that deserves to put bums on seats.
Amidst the subsequent whirl of bed-hopping and back-stabbing, mystery blogger Gossip Girl reveals every sordid secret online.
The bed-hopping Corrie bad boy (played by Bill Ward) was beaten up by vengeful girlfriend Tracy (Kate Ford) after he told her to pack her bags and leave Weatherfield for good.