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be sexually active with more than one partner

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Look again and, oh no, he's become Coronation Street's serial bed-hopper, Kevin Webster.
The opening credits are shorter, the drama somehow feels more prominent, and Kim Cattrall's cavalier bed-hopper has considerably less to do and say.
50 First Dates (12A) Bed-hopper Henry (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore).
CORRIE bed-hopper Bill Roache is the talk of the terraces after football fans made up comedy chants about his antics.
Legendary bed-hopper Mick lived fast and loose before age caught up with him.
My days of mourning are over and men are falling at my feet," says the 33-year-old actress who scored a huge hit as busty bed-hopper Moll.
Pippa likes titles so it's a surprise to see bed-hopper Ryan Giggs as long as 1,000-1.
CORRIE bed-hopper Tracy Barlow has turned her gold-digging eye on a new conquest.
After Pearson's resounding success as charmer news reporter Dave in Drop the Dead Donkey, and cynical bed-hopper Supt Tony Clark in Between the Lines, the sex-symbol actor's latest smalcreen creation may come as a shock to many of his fans.
The Irish whippersnapper upset the American bed-hopper by claiming any European would fancy their chances against Tiger.
A couple of months ago I'd have said I preferred playing Melanie Tindell, the person who does the bed-hopping rather than the victim of the bed-hopper," says the 27-year-old.
In the past it was the individual bed-hopper or sleaze merchant caught banking bungs who were hung out to dry.
A serial bed-hopper, he had notched up more than 500 conquests, but now bottles attracted him more than beauties.
SEX and the City bed-hopper Samantha Jones is to feature in a heartbreaking storyline after deciding on a boob job to impress her toy-boy lover.
Kim (above) plays a happy mother who is turned into a sex-mad bed-hopper following the death of her two sons in a tragic car accident.