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be sexually active with more than one partner

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A couple of months ago I'd have said I preferred playing Melanie Tindell, the person who does the bed-hopping rather than the victim of the bed-hopper," says the 27-year-old.
A serial bed-hopper, he had notched up more than 500 conquests, but now bottles attracted him more than beauties.
SEX and the City bed-hopper Samantha Jones is to feature in a heartbreaking storyline after deciding on a boob job to impress her toy-boy lover.
Controversy over the manuscript - blasted as a "vile betrayal" and a "work of fiction" - first surfaced earlier this month when a major publisher paid nearly half a million pounds to produce the memoirs of the self-proclaimed bed-hopper.
50 First Dates (12A) Bed-hopper Henry (Adam Sandler) meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore).
Then, in the 18th century, Defoe, Richardson, and Fielding overthrew the romance and the aristocrats by writing fiction about a thief, a bed-hopper, and a hypocrite.
Kim (above) plays a happy mother who is turned into a sex-mad bed-hopper following the death of her two sons in a tragic car accident.
For rival bookies Paddy Power offer 4-7 that the serial bed-hopper is still England boss come December 31 next year - giving punters a nailed-on, take-that-to-the-bank, sure-fire, copper-bottomed, certain winner.
In the film, Nicole will star as 12th century bed-hopper Eleanor of Aquitaine who was queen of both France and later England.
TV BEAUTY Melanie Sykes celebrated her new romance with serial bed-hopper Max Beesley - by going out with another man for the night.
But if fans are relieved to see the energetic bed-hopper returning to spice up the ITV soap, they had better prepare for another shock.
ENGLAND striker Andy Carroll has turned into a sex-hungry bed-hopper who has "lost his mind", according to his former fiance.
They may be talking about browsing the aisles of Tesco and not Saks Fifth Avenue, but like their New York counterparts, each has a different experience of love: bed-hopper, widow, devoted mistress and bored wife.
Remember that black, satanic beard making him look like a boisterous bed-hopper straight out of a D H Lawrence fantasy?
Pippa likes titles so it's a surprise to see bed-hopper Ryan Giggs as long as 1,000-1.