bed wetter

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someone suffering from enuresis

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A 2007 German Hitler parody, 'Mein Fuehrer - The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler' sparked controversy and scathing reviews in Germany after portraying the dictator as a bed wetter with erectile problems.
you're Slippery When Wet: You're a pathological hand-washer and a frequent bed wetter.
Another camp director's story about a parent who didn't report that their child was an occasional bed wetter, is an example of this kind of situation.
50 (280m): Zsa Zsa (5), Bed Wetter (3), Amos (3), Ross (3), Shannon (1), Rob's Girl (Scr).
As a child, my imaginary friends wouldn't talk to me, I was run over at the Motor Show and when I was in the Boy Scouts I had to sleep in the lower bunk beneath a bed wetter.