bed of roses

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a flower bed in which roses are growing

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Doob - No Bed Of Roses , which has received a No Objection Certificate from the Bangladesh Film Development Corp (BFDC), also features Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Rokeya Prachy and Parno Mittra.
Michael Mosley The Victorian Slum BBC2, 9pm If you thought EastEnders was bleak, you'd be right, but in the real world during the Victorian era, it was no bed of roses either.
Like a long lasting marriage, not a bed of roses all the time, but in the end probably better to remain married.
Irrfan Khan's IK will co-produce No Bed of Roses, the actor's second foray into production.
Life is not a bed of roses and difficulties in life make a person strong enough to face professional and personal challenges.
He said the helm of government is not a bed of roses rather it is a crown made of thorns.
5: hours - the length of Bon Jovi's set 20+: songs played 60: disabled fans at the gig, who all received a free Bon Jovi t-shirt from the man himself THE HITS PLAYED Raise Your Hands You Give Love A Bad Name Livin' On A Prayer Bad Medicine Lay Your Hands On Me Sleep When I'm Dead One Wild Night Bed Of Roses
You live here and you know it's not always a bed of roses.
How can I admit to anyone that it's not a bed of roses after I'd tried for a baby for so many years?
MALKY MACKAY has fired a thinly-veiled dig at arch-rivals Swansea after claiming: You're no bed of roses.
The book claims that the shepherd meant rose petals - and bed of roses would mean a comfortable, easy-to-deal-with situation.
Usk have access to hardcore violent films and DVDs of a gratuitous sexual nature can only reinforce the view that a prisoner's life, while not a bed of roses, is not the punishment that law-abiding people would expect it to be.
The Throver (48" x 54") comes in multiple colors featuring the Wegman Collection pattern Dogland, and three Molly B Fashion patterns: Bed of Roses, Aztec, and Interlock.
In his address on the occasion, the Chief Justice said, the slot you have been selected for is not a bed of roses.
It isn't a bed of roses at the Emirates either, but this fixture looks made for Arsenal.