bed of roses

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a flower bed in which roses are growing

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How can I admit it's not a bed of roses after I'd tried for a baby for so long?
The book claims that the shepherd meant rose petals - and bed of roses would mean a comfortable, easy-to-deal-with situation.
Usk have access to hardcore violent films and DVDs of a gratuitous sexual nature can only reinforce the view that a prisoner's life, while not a bed of roses, is not the punishment that law-abiding people would expect it to be.
The Throver (48" x 54") comes in multiple colors featuring the Wegman Collection pattern Dogland, and three Molly B Fashion patterns: Bed of Roses, Aztec, and Interlock.
In his address on the occasion, the Chief Justice said, the slot you have been selected for is not a bed of roses.
Bed of roses GO FLORAL with this Cleo flower printed double duvet cover, pounds 60, and pillowcase, pounds 15, from the Linea by Collier Campbell range at House of Fraser (www.
We agree that for these people prison will not be a bed of roses and will find it very difficult.
But I felt change had to happen and, as you go along, it's not always a bed of roses and not always win, win, win.
It isn't a bed of roses at the Emirates either, but this fixture looks made for Arsenal.
It ain't a bed of roses, but there's really, you know, it's not -- I don't know how to explain it honestly.
Of course, being gay in a Catholic country isn't a bed of roses either.
Cameisha's life with her drug-kingpin husband is no bed of roses, but she plans to change all of that.
Veronica Klinefelt's discovery of fraud during her first year on the East Detroit school board certainly didn't make her life a bed of roses.
Life was far from a bed of roses, and the author is quite frank in her description of some of the apparent failings of her spouse.
Corrie bosses would not divulge any details of what sparks the separation, but fans of the Weatherfield soap know that the marriage has not always been a bed of roses.