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a lightweight jacket worn over bedclothes (as when sitting in bed)

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Either, 1) begin crocheting a bed jacket, or, 2) get yourself a copy of The Sound of Miss Moneypenny's, the hot new CD from those Brummy funksters, Miss Moneypenny.
The expanded spring collection includes new prints, solids, separates with mix-and-match shorts, pants and tanks, as well as a three-piece pajama set with a tank and a chemise gown with coordinating bed jacket.
The last time we saw a synthetic fur-trimmed bed jacket like that was on our great-granny
The Bed Cozy or Short Robe design is reminiscent of the 1940's and 50's bed jacket styles glamorized by Lucille Ball and other silver screen actresses.
Standout pieces include cropped bed jackets in unique paisley and ditsy prints which are versatile enough to layer up with throughout the longer days ahead.
Delicate silk-embroidered bed jackets and frocks bring to life the intricacy and detail of the local handicrafts, juxtaposing more minimalist pieces with a hint of the Far East.
One thing that Gina is particularly pleased about is the fact she has revived a forgotten fashion - for bed jackets - which she sells under her Pink Camellia label.
At our next meeting, on July 11, our speaker, Celia Bryce, will give a talk on bedpans, bed jackets and stories at our usual venue, Marden Residents' Hall.
The girls all had pink bed jackets and we were pushed in our beds to the grounds outside the hospital near the road and she sang some songs for us.
Obviously, bed jackets are little worn nowadays, and travelling alone no longer presents such challenges to etiquette, but most of the advice can be tweaked to apply to modern situationsp LIVE Alone And Like It, by Marjorie Hillis, is published by Virago, priced pounds 10.
This month's guest speaker was Ms Celia Bryce, who gave a fascinating talk entitled `Bedpans, bed jackets and bedtime stories'.