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He left the bed cover with the shop for one week whilst they considered whether they would be able to clean it.
The defenders are in breach of contract as they have failed to remove the initial stain and effectively clean the bed cover.
A company agent said: "A lady brought the bed cover to the shop and was advised by an employee that there was no guarantee the stain could be removed.
Simplicity and elegance were achieved with piecing of fabrics in bed covers and stitching, such as scalloped edging and hemstitch on sheets.
The bed covers with contrasting brocade borders are made with silk sourced from India's ' silk city' Bhagalpur.
It is thought that the woman, who is believed to be in her 30s, was smoking in the bedroom when the bed covers and mattress caught fire.
The Bioactive collection from Dyckhoff contains soft terry toweling bed covers, pillows and sheets made of 48% Trevira Bioactive and 52% cotton.
The Navajo weavings are not only suitable for floor use, but as bed covers, wall hangings or furniture throws.
JSA Home economics teachers and YAs who enjoy sewing projects take note: here is a book filled with ideas for cushion covers, tablemats, bed covers, chair covers.
But this was solely due to the Gore-Tex bed covers as the spray and special vacuum cleaner made absolutely no difference at all.
As she quickly looks through the piles, she comments that she rarely worries about stains because a product called Zout usually gets them out, and she often buys huge tablecloths that can be used as bed covers or curtains.
Check out other, less expensive pillows and bed covers in the Company Store's mail-order catalog.
Fortunately, panic was averted when the snake was found curled up for the night under the bed covers.
An electric heater placed near the bed caught bed covers and a blanket on fire, and the flames spread to the rest of the room.
24, the show pairs Bennett with West Hills seamstress, quilt artist and designer Candace Daly, who integrates florals, geometrics and pictorial figures in her bed covers, lap throws, sofa pillows and wall hangings.