bed clothing

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At the same time another law was mandated for all new bed clothing, manufactured in the USA or around the world entering USA.
Investigate bed clothing made from fabric designed to wick away (draw away) moisture.
The programme's purpose was to draw attention to how dust and other nasties like these bugs that live in bed clothing aggravate asthma sufferers.
Garda Patrick Normoyle said he then went to Franco's home at Coolamber Park and found a body wrapped in bed clothing in an upstairs bedroom.
The nonwoven fabric's softness allows it to be used near mattress sleep areas, as well as in bed clothing, but is lighter and more flexible to use than cotton.
Recently, Elk announced the availability of VersaShield II, a cotton-based fire retardant fabric, expanding the VersaShield line into other consumer markets where comfort cannot be compromised, such as upholstery and bed clothing.
Some examples include directly below the mattress ticking, bed clothing and upholstery.