bed check

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a check that everyone is in bed by the time they should be

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The stories and the beer kept coming, until suddenly we realized that it was already ten minutes past nine and we best get moving, if we were to make bed check.
With consumers starting to receive their tax rebates from the federal government, Atlanta-based Simmons has launched its Tax Refund Bed Check program to help dealers persuade consumers to invest in a Simmons product.
Eleven Bulldogs players were suspended for drinking after a bed check, and an assistant coach was fired for providing the alcohol.
The players, including Graham's son, Nick, sneaked out of their hotel to the Rock N' Rodeo in Eugene after Cougars coaches conducted a bed check.
If it wasn't the benching of Brian Scalabrine, Brandon Granville and Sam Clancy, who missed their bed check by five minutes because they were playing cards, it was the wedding of Jeff Trepagnier.
Impatient player: Scalabrine, who was held out with Granville and forward Sam Clancy for the first five minutes of the Washington game after being late for a bed check, said it was one of the longest five minutes of his life.
Brian Scalabrine, Sam Clancy and Brandon Granville were sat down after they missed bed check by five minutes Friday night at the team hotel because they were playing cards in a meeting room.
I was sitting there thinking, `I'm 44 years old and I've got a curfew and a bed check,' '' DeBerg said.
You would never have imagined John Robinson coming in for a bed check,'' wide receiver R.
Panthers at Cowboys (-7): Cowboys have unorthodox bed check - at 11 p.
Saints at Raiders (-10): His patience gone, Saints coach Mike Ditka now expects players to be in full pads at bed check.
He was missing from a bed check shortly before 5 a.
He had was missing in a bed check shortly before 5 a.
To make sure everything would go smoothly when the players were on their own exploring the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas, coaches imposed curfews, made bed checks and even had players sign contracts promising good behavior.
According to the survey, manual processes, including phone calls, voice messages, and manual bed checks continue to be the predominant manner in which nurses track the location of their patients and bed assignment information.