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lose sparkle or bouquet


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With the second 45 minutes there is always a danger it can become flat so it was important we built up a momentum going into this weekend.
The world's playing field has become flat, and America's position as the economic powerhouse of the world is being challenged on all sides, says Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas Friedman.
The world has truly become flat," Paul Smith, a partner at Eversheds and the driving force behind Directors Law of Europe, said.
The man's barrister told the High Court: "Having been a young man bounding with energy - bubbling over - he has become flat and profoundly mentally ill.
Some economists said the nationwide CPI is likely to become flat or could log an increase in 2005 because prices of raw materials, such as oil, are expected to remain high.
The ribbon is held at a high enough temperature over a long enough time for the irregularities to melt and for the surfaces to become flat and parallel.
Mazda said both models have spacious interiors with a lot of cargo space, thanks to a horizontally mounted engine, and that front and rear seats can recline to become flat.
How the Pillow-Vac works for Hilton Concord Over time, pillows tend to become flat and lose their bounce, regardless of the filling.
The first programme runs from 2-3pm at Smith's Dock Bowling Club, Normanby, offering the chance to become flat green bowlers.
Although markets may see interest rate expectations become flat following another rate cut by the BoE, it wouldn't reflect the dour outlook for growth which could lead to more sterling weakness.
But there is little doubt that the Gosden team have started the new campaign in sparkling form and they could become Flat racing's equivalent of the National Hunt partnership of Paul Nicholls and Ruby Walsh.
It said accruals to the scheme would start to become flat rate at the same time as it began to increase the state pension.
Here the author was explaining that one of the groups he was targeting was ``those to whom the bible has become flat throughfamiliarity''.
According to the report, industrial production has become flat in August, an improvement from the July report in which the Cabinet Office said it was weakening.