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rendered motionless for lack of wind

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They could see the Aorai lying becalmed a mile away and pitching and tossing madly in the tremendous seas that rolled in stately procession down out of the northeast and flung themselves furiously upon the coral shore.
But a great ship, the San Philip, came between him and the wind "and coming towards him, becalmed his sails in such sort, as the ship could neither make way, nor feel the helm: so huge and high-carged* was the Spanish ship.
We doubled the south-west extremity of Albemarle Island, and the next day were nearly becalmed between it and Narborough Island.
They had come together unavoidably, like two ships becalmed near each other, and lay rubbing sides at last.
At dawn after the battle, we lay becalmed to the east of the Isle of Canna or between that and Isle Eriska in the chain of the Long Island.
In the latter part of the voyage, we had the misfortune to be becalmed for three days and nights, off the coast of India.
The next day, giving them a salute of five guns at parting, we set sail, and arrived at the bay of All Saints in the Brazils in about twenty-two days, meeting nothing remarkable in our passage but this: that about three days after we had sailed, being becalmed, and the current setting strong to the ENE.
I must confess, considering we were becalmed, and the current set strong towards the shore, I liked it the worse; however, I bade them not be afraid, but bring the ship to an anchor as soon as we came so near as to know that we must engage them.
After all, sailing ships became becalmed when there was no wind, just like wind turbines today.
Scoring was generally good on a rare becalmed day over the Slack Lane course, with the winners going out in 24 points, including six three-pointers, and coming home with an incredible 26 points, with Morrison, who works for Kirklees Building Services, demonstrating the love of his home course, where last season he won the Page Trophy as well as the corresponding Alliance event.
Blair can shrug off charges from the left or the right that he has lost his sense of purpose, lacks direction and is becalmed.
In a match when the openers were mostly becalmed by the Dutch attack, Tendulkar hit 10 of the seventh over of the innings off the bowling of Edgar Schiferli, hitting two gorgeous cuts shots for four through the point area.
IT is 15 matches since Gravesend registered a Conference victory, but the becalmed Fleet can set sail again by winning at Leigh RMI this afternoon.
His fans scrawled 'Go Tiger' in the sands of the Firth of Clyde and while Tiger Woods did not exactly make waves at a becalmed Royal Troon yesterday, he is poised menacingly in red figures.
They were virtually becalmed once clear of Liverpool Bay and one by one the 15 starters retired and motored either back to the Mersey or on to Douglas.