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Synonyms for bebop

an early form of modern jazz (originating around 1940)


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Cops distrusted beboppers for three main reasons: The new breed of jazzmen were anti-establishment, they were confrontational in matters of race, and they had a fondness for heroin.
Eddie Condon said that the difference between beboppers and dixielanders was that beboppers flatted their fifths and dixielanders drank theirs.
Tradition of Douglass of David Walker Garner Turner Tubman of ragers yeh ragers (of Kings, & Counts, & Dukes of Satchelmouths & SunRa's of Bessies & Billies & Sassys & Ma's Musical screaming Niggers yeh tradition of Brown Wells & Brown Sterling & Brown Clifford of H Rap and H Box Black Baltimore sister blues antislavery singers countless funky blind folks & oneleg country beboppers bottleneck in the guitarneck dudes whispering thrashing cakewalking raging ladies & gents getdown folks, elegant as skywriting tradition (Reader 303)
VARIOUS Roots Of Afro-Cuban Jazz, and Afro-Cuban Jazz Now (both Blue Note): Cuba and its music has been 'rediscovered' many times, not least in the 1940s by the beboppers of the time.
With these "heads," "the beboppers made it impossible to hear their music as a version, a 'jazzing,' of some other repertory (pp.