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Synonyms for bebop

an early form of modern jazz (originating around 1940)


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Out of the winning Tom Fool mare Bebopper, Stop The Music was a halfbrother to dual Grade 1 winner Hatchet Man.
Just like that other lionised modern artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, Miles Davis had a series of remarkable and critically acclaimed stylistic periods: as a young bebopper in the band of Charlie Parker; as the creator of the cool school; as a master of late '50s small band music and, in collaboration with Gil Evans, of orchestral jazz too; and as the prime mover a decade later in the jazzrock fusion scene.
Atzmon's origins are clear in the Balkan and Klezmer sounds he conjures from clarinet, but he's also a hot bebopper on alto.
More than just a barrier to work, the cabaret card for beboppers was an impediment to self-expression and artistic fulfillment.
Thus a 52nd Street "jazz war" was perceived between the beboppers and the traditionalists, categorically termed "moldy figs.
He blames the breakaway of the beboppers in the 1940s for eternally dividing jazz and banishing the swingers to a musty and unsung corner of what should surely be a large and all-inclusive jazz club.
Eddie Condon said that the difference between beboppers and dixielanders was that beboppers flatted their fifths and dixielanders drank theirs.