beauty sleep

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Ozzy wanted a massage but Sharon wouldn't let him - she said he needed his beauty sleep.
Most of us will be welcoming the longer days and (theoretically) finer weather with open arms, but when the clocks turn, we lose an hour of precious beauty sleep.
Beauty sleep, too - if you can get it - is another must-have, and it's free.
Other bedding and futon exhibitors at the show include Bay Rest Bedding, Crown Design/Sleepking, Futons Plus, Halcyon Waterspring, Lady Americana, Perma Foam, Posture Beauty Sleep Products, Price Mattress/Airpedic, Springwall and Ther-A-Pedic
Meanwhile, the idea of beauty sleep will take on new meaning, as cosmetics claiming to induce positive moods or improve sleep quality inject new life into night care products.
Now nearly a month old, she has been raised by keepers who bottle-feed her, change her tiny nappy and give her a bed of snuggly blankets so she can get plenty of beauty sleep before the big move.
Suddenly Edwina, 68, woke up from her beauty sleep (she needs a lot of that) to effectively start an argument by telling Kendra that going into the jungle and leaving her kids at home was the wrong decision.
It is now official that beauty sleep is indeed behind those mischievous perky eyes.
Being a fashion slave doesn't really sound like your bag - you're far too fond of your beauty sleep for the crack of dawn make-up call.
MAXIMISE BEAUTY SLEEP RESEARCH published in the British Medical Journal actually shows that those who get enough sleep (around eight hours a night) are believed to be more attractive.
London, September 4 ( ANI ): Simon Cowell, who is expecting a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, has reportedly said that he is going to be a great father but he will not change dirty nappies nor will he be sacrificing his beauty sleep.
But the house is for you, not for those who drop by, y so create a special haven for yourself to get your beauty sleep in.
Sustainable Sleep Mask: After a long day's work, get some beauty sleep with a super-soft sleep mask made with rayon from bamboo.
This beauty is packed with 2100 springs and is the perfect comfort zone, not just for getting your beauty sleep but for reading, watching TV, enjoying breakfast and for lazy weekends.