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a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work

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Giving evidence at the trial, she said: "I saw seven girls inside the flat and the [Moroccan] woman told me that I would work as a prostitute -- not in the beauty shop.
Alongside their stories, Gill tells of lesser-known women such as the Caribbean immigrant Adina Stewart, who moved to New York City and opened her own beauty shop, and Lucille Campbell Green, who operated a salon in Harlem and later married the labor leader A.
film, Beauty Shop, provide challenges as well as directives to women who
Beauty Shop closely follows the Barbershop template, concentrating on the playful banter between the crimpers and their customers.
There are no real surprises in Kate Lanier and Norman Vance Jr's screenplay but Beauty Shop trims, snips and blow-dries with easy-going charm.
Her story begins more than 40 years in the past, when a 9-year-old boy delivers an abandoned baby to the doorstep of a beauty shop.
You can count on the fabulous Dragapella Beauty Shop Quartet, the Kinsey Sicks, to stamp out the holiday season with their perennial extravaganza featuring new songs and more raunchy mischief.
The hotel, to be built by Gran Caribe, will have 256 rooms, several restaurants, a commercial shopping area, business center, offices, beauty shop and health center, covering an area of 25,500 square meters.
The 34-year-old beauty shop owner used to weigh a petite 8st 2lbs before she piled on the pounds.
Elvira's Beauty Shop, 2001, is a Potemkin village of facades behind which there's nothing but the great void of Texas, signaled by the oppressively black space of the night sky.
Health and beauty shop specialising in aromatherapy products such as bath bombs and soaps but also more serious aromatherapy treatments and prescriptions for skin conditions.
Permanent Waves: The Making of the American Beauty Shop.
She couldn't get a hand-held hair dryer, and the hotel staff could only offer the old-fashioned type down in the beauty shop.
American Retirement Corporation, our parent firm, recently hired a vice-president of Alzheimer's operations, who is taking us to the next level of care; as part of this, we are providing many areas to encourage active life participation by the residents--a beauty shop, a gentlemen's club and other common areas to draw people out of their rooms.
While Hussain was on duty in January this year he told his colleague Mr John Emmerton that he had to go to the Boots Beauty Shop in nearby Mill Lane to check the premises.