beauty parlor

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a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work

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According to workers in the beauty parlors, business is profitable.
The victims were present inside Emaan Beauty Parlor in Gol Bagh, Karim Park when unidentified armed motorcyclists barged into it.
BEIRUT: The Health Ministry Monday closed a Beirut beauty parlor for carrying out cosmetic and medical procedures without a valid license.
Vincent Godinez, 20, originally told police he witnessed the stabbing death of Luis Avila, 33, late Saturday at the beauty parlor in the 13200 block of Maclay Avenue.
This phenomenon is often referred to as Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome and studies indicate that the elderly are more susceptible to it than others.
Her novels explore the "material practice of be auty" (the beauty parlor with its "laying on of hands") rather than abstract notions of "the beautiful.
According to Tokyo Shoko Research, Nobuyuki Suzuki, incumbent president of RBM, opened a beauty parlor in 1970 and established RBM in 1977.
Even now, the sheer, deadpan panache of presenting the New York art world with what can only be described as West Hollywood Beauty Parlor Art elicits my awe and respect, and it still packs a punch.
Winn, which makes bottles from 2 oz to 1 liter for beauty parlor and other private-label toiletries, expects CIM to help cut a week or more off its current four-week delivery times by reducing scrap and increasing productivity.
Other important services include: Jewish cultural programs, trips, full-time rabbi, vocational workshop, synagogue, in-house radio and TV stations, gift shop, thrift shop and beauty parlor.
According to Deputy Director, District Armed Services Board Let Col (Retd) Mohammad Yaqoob, different short courses in drafting, cutting, tailoring and fashion designing, Spoken English course, Computer course and beauty parlor will be offered.
Every year I have to recruit more beauticians to cope with the crowd, said owner of a beauty parlor.
Autumn Woods' amenities feature a tea room, a country kitchen, an expansive living room, an activity room, a game room, two balconies, a beauty parlor, a library with internet access and a gazebo.
Rowdy kids ran through Kaprow's flashing-light and photo-booth installation Beauty Parlor IV, 1958/1999, stopping only to try on Halloween masks that were part of the piece.