beauty parlor

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a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work

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Vincent Godinez, 20, originally told police he witnessed the stabbing death of Luis Avila, 33, late Saturday at the beauty parlor in the 13200 block of Maclay Avenue.
Autumn Woods' amenities feature a tea room, a country kitchen, an expansive living room, an activity room, a game room, two balconies, a beauty parlor, a library with internet access and a gazebo.
Their paychecks can be spent at the JHE gift shop or beauty parlor, or saved at the resident bank maintained at the facility.
Rowdy kids ran through Kaprow's flashing-light and photo-booth installation Beauty Parlor IV, 1958/1999, stopping only to try on Halloween masks that were part of the piece.
And when the going gets really tough, they dry their tears, repaint the old house or the beauty parlor or whatever, and put up fresh curtains -- and it's a new day dawning.
She brags that her mother works for a high-class family in Charleston and can afford to send her to a beauty parlor to get Shirley Temple curls instead of the braids Dada plaits with her "fast fingers.
For these residents, hair washing can be done with a handheld shower device, or perhaps should be reserved for the beauty parlor.
Delia takes over the local beauty parlor, The Bonnet (like all such institutions, a site for "dreams and lust and the approximation of a fantasy"), and rebonds with her woman pals, most memorably the zaftig and lusty M.
One of the younger sisters runs a beauty parlor, which comes complete with its outrageous gay hairdresser and man-hungry hefty shampooseuse.
Also featured at Grand Papagayo are a boutique and gift shop, spa and beauty parlor services, business center, tour desk, and child care services.
If you believe in lifelong love, you have to believe there was a reason 90-year-old Sabina Marfian went to the beauty parlor and got all dolled up Thursday, the day before she died.
We have a full-service restaurant, an ice cream parlor, retail shops, a beauty parlor and Grandma's Attic, which features a playroom.
The building is a self-contained facility, with a resident branch of the Wachovia Bank, Klein's supermarket, dry cleaning and beauty parlor establishments, and Little Pete's restaurant.
TLC collects donations of things like theater tickets, gift certificates, flowers, trips to the beauty parlor and bus tours for the honorees.
Additional amenities include an in-house beauty parlor, a billiard room, a library, and an arts and crafts room.