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a spot that is worn on a lady's face for adornment

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Recognizing that one supermodel's beauty mark is another's mole, we analyze Saturday's victory and offer this keen insight into areas screaming for improvement:
From the first strains of Beauty Mark, Rufus made himself at home at the grand piano, settling in with that trademark effortless performance style.
Opening with Beauty Mark from his first album, the audience were in the palm of his hands.
YES YOU BEAUTY Mark, wearing a Michelleinspired shirt, wins yesterday
Can we begin to see our brokenness as a blessing rather than a curse, a beauty mark rather than a scar?
Inside these stories: a landscape of the hospital made romantic: girls with anorexia, bodies made effulgent from lack, a world where the skeleton is a beauty mark, like Marilyns mole.
Nancy was a hair dresser at the Beauty Mark in Webster for 37 years.
In 2012, CHANEL mandated MARBELLA to develop 'la Mouche' - the French beauty Mark - reproducing the famous brand's logo for a sumptuous fashion show at Versailles.
html#slide=more220614) Huffington Post , the only distinguishing feature about her is her trademark beauty mark above her lip.
The skin care industry is also made its beauty mark, generating $18.
She has a beauty mark under her right eye and was last seen wearing a long purple shirt, black leggings, a black three-quarter length winter coat and black suede knee-high boots.
Beauty Mark is fragile while Little Monsters and Jama is are velveteen.
With her statuesque figure, Hollywood beauty mark on her cupid-bow mouth, and Cyd Charisse legs, Campbell's arrival in the rustic college town of Missoula was a surprise.
In an aptly titled chapter, "The Vegetable," Satrapi writes how she grew an astounding seven inches between the ages of 15 and 16 and then proceeds to take us on a more elaborate explanation of her other growth spurts, which include the elongation of her face and the repositioning of her beauty mark.
As the first rays of the sun rose over the Atlantic, clouds parted to reveal a slowly moving beauty mark on the sun (165: 247; 166: 24).