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Rosa y Fruta was created from a passion for rare and beautifying ingredients from around the world.
The Urban Development Ministry is also rejuvenating and beautifying various water bodies located in the national capital and decentralizing the solid waste disposal system and incentivizing segregation of waste at the household level.
The current phase involves beautifying school walls in co-operation with the Education Ministry, which agreed to the initiative.
com)-- Building upon the unprecedented success of the iconic Kerastase Elixir Ultime - a versatile beautifying oil treatment that has received unparalleled recognition from the media, including over 39 beauty awards worldwide - the brand is pleased to introduce Elixir Ultime 24-carat Haircare.
Commenting on the initiative, Al Jafari said: "Through this pioneering project, the municipality aims at beautifying residential neighbourhoods and providing them with a modern structure compatible with the overall development upswing to serve as a safe and healthy rendezvous for families and children in their vicinity.
Beautifying Brum: Artist Lucy McLauchlan's eye-catching bird designs on the wall of Birmingham Central Library.
Once you start creating an awareness of the arroyo, people will care more about beautifying it," Williamson said.
Writing is the beginning of the great art of calligraphy, which is beautifying the writing of the alphabet.
Through community involvement and working with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, the Broadway Mall Association is dedicated to beautifying and maintaining these flowering malls and thus restoring the public glory of New York City's oldest and most traveled thoroughfare.
Finally, I'd like to thank Aisha Tyler for beautifying our cover this summer, I appreciate her even more for putting her keen intellect and Ivy League education to good use in her book, Swerve (page 12).
Young men who did not have jobs or their own homes turned instead to beautifying community parks, over which they had a sense of ownership.
Her book explores the many aspects of flowers and their uses for healing the senses, beautifying the body, and speaking to the soul.
Trees can help the communities by increasing property values, reducing energy costs, enhancing the vitality of our business and visitor districts and beautifying our parks and neighborhoods," said Michael Morris, Director of Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation.
ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Nadeem Hassan Asif on Tuesday said the authority would utilize all available resources to further beautifying the Federal Capital.
The three-year scheme, spearheaded by the Central Municipal Council, involves beautifying main streets and neighbourhoods with murals, plants and decorative mini-sculptures.