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Together with the city of Cieszyn, PPG is working to beautify and add color to areas visited by many residents and tourists," said Waldemar Gotebiewski, PPG plant manager at the Cieszyn industrial coatings facility.
The Colorful Communities program is PPGs signature initiative for community engagement efforts, with the aim to protect and beautify the neighborhoods where PPG operates around the world.
OPPO has likewise upgraded its built-in selfie beautification app with Beautify 4.
Paphos will also capitalise on its culture and archaeology and we discussed how to make Paphos an attractive place and how to beautify the town.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon: The Tripoli Municipality and the city's Touristic Organization received 30 waste containers from the Future Movement as a contribution to a campaign launched a month ago to beautify the streets of the battered northern city.
Those interested can contact the municipality or the school we intend to beautify," said Mr Al Hattab.
We are truly honored that every year more and more neighbors come outside to beautify our town.
We have instructions to beautify the garden as fast as we can.
Streetscape improvements throughout the greater Downtown Brooklyn area to beautify and create better connections with surrounding neighborhoods; and;
More than 40 projects are presented to illustrate the manifold uses of stone to beautify the garden and give opportunity for gardeners to reveal their own unique and enduring artistic expressions.
If the artists' intention was to beautify their subjects by framing them within high-art conventions, they failed; the results too closely and uncritically mimic fashion's tired co-optation of outre styles or art's neo-primitivist fantasies.
The cosmetics contain a combination of natural ingredients, including vitamins, herbs and food extracts to beautify the skin.
Parents tutor, beautify the school grounds, or eat lunch with students.
One new effect, Beautify Skin, is notable yet disturbing (imagine polishing digital faces to a cover-model smoothness).
Originating as efforts by Barbadians to beautify their communities, the parks featured decorations made of found materials such as donated paint and animal bones.