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Now that SlickEdit has reengineered the entire graphics engine, multi-document interface, beautifiers, and more, it should be very clear to customers that we will continue to take the necessary engineering steps to make SlickEdit the ultimate in power and flexibility on multiple platforms
However, for the rest of Europe it was initially grown as an ornamental or curiosity plant and perceived by many to be poisonous, like other solanaceous plants: for instance, mandrake (Mandragora) and the deadly nightshade (Atropus belladonna), administered both as a hallucinogenic drug and a beautifier in various regions of Europe.
The Dead Sea in the Middle East, known as the saltiest sea in the world, is a great beautifier too.
So, in this sense, he is a serendipitous beautifier, in his prose as in his photographs, the point being that the right kind of attention can convert a sow's ear into a silk purse, or, failing that, into something implying porcelain.
As reported in Norman Freeman's recent study of the emergence of a framework theory of pictorial reasoning, children progressed from regarding "a picture as picking up beauty from the world that it is about" (143) to regarding "an artist as beautifier by virtue of her agency in controlling what the picture is to be about" (144).
The historical record and contemporary advertisements suggest that Victorian men commonly used hair dyes, mustache trainers, shaving soaps, aftershave lotions, skin beautifier and pomade oils.
The Holy Spirit, he concludes, is both beautiful and beautifier, the "Perfecter" who through aesthetic beauty renews the face of the earth and completes the redemption of Christ.
Flawless Portraits - Create stunning and flawless photos with a complete set of People Beautifier editing tools, including the new Body Shaper.
16) Advertisements for skin lightening products such as Black-No-More (a skin bleach/lightener), Ozono: Electric Skin Refiner (a skin lightening product), The Chemical Wonder Company of New York Products (a line of products for both skin lightening and hair straightening), Scott's Face Bleach and Beautifier (skin bleaching products), Imperial Whitener (skin bleach), Mme.
And the Benefit Cosmetics Justine Case and Mini Beautifier set has everything you could need.
Their struggle received support from the Oanadian town planner and city beautifier Noulan Oauchon in his 1917 Reconnaissance Report on the Development of Hamilton.
CURVES of youth will be yours if you pull the cords on this chin reducer and beautifier," boasts an advert from 1912 .
The Global Ophthalmology Device market has also been witnessing the trend of contact lenses being used as a beautifier.
Integrated 13MP camera image signal processor with support for unique features like PIP (Picture-in-Picture), VIV (Video in Video) and Video Face Beautifier