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Moreover, Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman road was also beautified with palm trees and other decorative installations.
Member Environment Kazim Niaz said lauded the initiative and said the city can be beautified through coordinated efforts of the CDA as well as the residents of Islamabad as teamwork.
She got married, became a mother, got beautified, and became a premier basketball analyst on network TV.
After a colonial fife and drum corps escort to the park from CIGNA's Domestic Property and Casualty Division headquarters at Two Liberty Place, 16th and Chestnut streets, more than 300 CIGNA company employee volunteers raked, weeded and beautified the park.
Amenities scheduled to be completed by the end of the year include tennis courts, a lap swimming pool, recreational clubhouse, a picturesque lakefront park, and a beautified beach vista with new landscaping.
Old tile flooring is being removed and the main-entrance exterior beautified in the first stages.
We are proud to have developed a first-class community of new homes that not only reclaimed and beautified a neighborhood in Trenton, but also enabled hard-working New Jersey families to become homeowners.
The home was also beautified with flowers and shrubs planted by volunteers from NJNG's Volunteers Inspiring Service in Our Neighborhoods program, also known as the VISION program.
The result is that Antique Row is beautified and flourishing, the Madrid Theatre replaced the Pussycat, the Dia de los Muertos Festival draws healthy crowds, the Walk of Hearts came into existence as an overdue tribute to great teachers, and the community has been honored as an ``All-American City.
A second group of volunteers revamped exhibits and beautified
Woodstock - Volunteers beautified the grounds of two sites in
If the people ask, they are told they can't have their streets paved, must endure sidewalk vendors, can't have buckled sidewalks fixed, thoroughfares beautified, names of neighborhoods changed, extra police assigned, more fire stations built.
Woodstock - Beautified the grounds, by planting flowers and
Last year, 250 volunteers beautified San Francisco Parks during Hands On San Francisco Day.
as one of four city businesses that has expanded and beautified its Bridgeport location as well as demonstrated continued support for the community.