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Provide greening and beautification project designs for work on highway junctions, roundabouts and median strips.
Javed Nasim said that the provincial government would utilize all available resources for the beautification of Peshawar.
Passing the Highway Beautification Act was an historic moment in the environmental movement and I am proud of the Central Coast's role in creating the first State Scenic Highway," said Congressman Farr.
He also inspected that the development as well as beautification work at Jail Chowrangi and NIPA Roundabout greenbelt.
Authorities associated with the rehabilitation and beautification drive have sought help from the state government.
Sohar : Sohar Municipality said it is speeding up pace on the forestation and beautification plan of green areas and developing a number of gardens and parks in several wilayats surrounding Sohar.
On his part, the Works Minister hailed outstanding cooperation with the Culture Ministry, emphasising that the Cities Development and Beautification Committee aims to boost Bahrain's image inside and abroad.
The first meeting of the GCC's new Specialised Team of City Beautification began in Riyadh yesterday, according to a report in the Oman Daily Observer .
Flower beds will be planted along roads and intersections in all governorates in Bahrain, as part of a beautification project undertaken by the Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs.
Besides, the beautification work that was on at Surajpur and the Hindon Bridge has also been stopped.
The Tehran Municipality has ordered its Beautification Office to stop installing Chinese-made statuary in public areas around Tehran.
A lot of streets get a new surface, pavements and beautification with palm trees, flowers and green areas.
RAWALPINDI, May 16 -- Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has started work on the beautification of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Road.
T he Holy Capitol Municipality concluded contracts for new projects for beautification and improvement work on the entrances to the city and construction of open municipal spaces for the public at a number of locations, at a cost of SR 70 million.
During the three-day meeting, the Arbitration Authority will look over 115 nominations for the award, including 29 nominations for the Architecture Awards, 34 nominations for awards of environmental health, 32 nominations for greening and beautification of cities awards and 20 nominations for awards of Information Technology.