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someone who works in a beauty parlor

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Hair expert Dr Khurrum Shahzad, Media Make up artist Khadim Hussain, Sir John, Aneel Hassan, Azra Sarfraz, Madam Shaz Khan, Madam Kausar, Almas and other renowned beauticians were also present.
Woodlands beauticians has come on to the market <B
Now this has nothing to do with the beautician I must say, in fact they brought me to this epiphany regarding my love of the North East.
Many of the beauticians at the salon earned Dhs2,000 a month, so fines running into hundreds of dirhams had a huge effect on their ability to get by and send money back home.
Baghdad: Long targeted during the country's sectarian war, Iraq's best hairdressers and beauticians have held a festival in central Baghdad to show their talents, a symbolic move to break with years of fear.
Worryingly, Ioannidou said it was up to beauticians themselves to ensure the machinery they use lives up to specifications as no state service is in charge of checking this out.
Her assistants got on the case quickly and called some beauticians after finding a directory on the web.
Presently, a Hepatitis B test is necessary for barbers, beauticians and health club workers.
The 27-year-old, of Willenhall, bared all while beauticians got to work at Sugar and Ice Beauty, in London Road.
Beauticians at Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox will be dishing out top cosmetic and skin care tips on Thursday, February 26, at an event organised in conjunction with magazine InStyle.
It was originally sold as a professional beautician product but is now sold by major pharmacies as well as to professional beauticians.
Inspired by Las Vegas showgirls, sassy Celtic tigresses are going one step further - and asking their beauticians to apply Swarovski crystals.
Both beauticians, from Essential Nails and Beauty Salon in Templeogue, were recommended to Dolores who was looking for a cracking new look to collect her cheque.
And to make him blusher even more, it's been revealed that taxpayers have picked up the bill - around pounds 370 a year - for his cosmetics and beauticians since 2000.
Fourteen beauticians at Vanda&Co beauty salon in Belle Vale spent a day dressed in pink pyjamas.