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someone who works in a beauty parlor

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Expert said ' it is wrong for barbers and beauticians to use shaving or cutting tools which have not been cleaned with hot water.
I recently underwent a makeover in the hands of a beautician.
Earlier, Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) launched an awareness campaign and distributed leaflets on the trainings courses offered to beauticians to become qualified professionals in line with the highest international standards.
Furthermore, action is being taken to provide an internationally recognized National Training Certificate (NVQ) for Beauticians and Hairdressers to provide an international recognition to their profession.
In fact some are so comfortable with their beauticians, they share every single detail of their private lives and most intimate secrets.
A 40-year-old woman was remanded for three days on Tuesday after caught working as a beautician in a Limassol spa without any professional licence, while police found in her possession injectable substances that can be administered only by doctors.
Woodlands beauticians has come on to the market <B
Now this has nothing to do with the beautician I must say, in fact they brought me to this epiphany regarding my love of the North East.
Summary: Baghdad: Long targeted during the country's sectarian war, Iraq's best hairdressers and beauticians have held .
Summary: Food handlers, salon workers, beauticians and nursery staff based in Al Aweer, Al Barsha and nearby areas can now approach a new clinic from the Dubai Municipality for occupational health services.
Background: Barbers and beauticians can spread hepatitis B and C.
All the beauticians have been there for many years.
The pop star, who reached her Belfast hotel quite late, had her assistants call four local beauticians early on Monday but none could be persuaded to get out of bed.
Historian Tiffany Gill's Beauty Shop Politics is a welcome relocation of the discussion of black women's beauty culture: a historical investigation of the relationship between black beauticians and the freedom struggle in twentieth-century America.
The 27-year-old, of Willenhall, bared all while beauticians got to work at Sugar and Ice Beauty, in London Road.