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(poetic )beautiful, especially to the sight

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When fond hearts be thwarted by a cruel parent," replied the pot-bellied old beast in a soft and fawning tone, "love must still find its way; and so thy gallant swain hath dared the wrath of thy great father and majestic uncle, and lays his heart at thy feet, O beauteous Bertrade, knowing full well that thine hath been hungering after it since we didst first avow our love to thy hard hearted sire.
Great guns, bombs, and mines must have leveled every building that man had raised, and then nature, unhindered, had covered the ghastly evidence of human depravity with her beauteous mantle of verdure.
Lie at the threshold of Zeus, full of lots, one of good, the other of evil lots, and that he to whom Zeus gives a mixture of the two Sometimes meets with evil fortune, at other times with good; but that he to whom is given the cup of unmingled ill, Him wild hunger drives o'er the beauteous earth.
Yea, if ye should, ye beauteous friendly ones, Quite take my word: She hath, alas
Dick stood at the desk in a state of utter stupefaction, staring with all his might at the beauteous Sally, as if she had been some curious animal whose like had never lived.
Marcos, 59, beauteous in red Filipina gown and billowing hairstyle, with youngish face, lean physique, tight legs and thighs, and daring bare feet, was described by Philippine Tattler in its October edition as "beautiful, strong, and enigmatic".
A final fling, a majestic cap Forged from the fruits of your milky sap; Not deserving of shallow praise, or hearts to bleed Dismissed by many as mere weed, Whilst my glad gaze stops and rests in awe At the beauteous sight that is before, Other jaundiced eye could never scan the field And see the treasures that each may yield, Blowing time on the season's sad whistle The glorious and unheralded purple thistle.
And with all transport free of charge (participants pay only for their lunch, and the odd entry fee or wine tasting fee when and if it exists) those who want to see some of the beauteous Mediterranean scenery in good company, while enjoying an epicurean experience are certainly in for a treat.
Its venue was a beauteous Edwardian-era Methodist chapel.
Everest as we rode this beauteous stretch of terrain.
It was the start, featuring John Carter, the sort of warrior-hero Burroughs dreamed of being, men of Herculean strength and unshakeable nobility, defending beauteous maidens on Mars and Venus, at the Earth's Core, the American West and Olde England.
She has to deliver the coal, the steel, the ships that are indispensable to the comfort of her beauteous sisters but they keep away from the kitchen and shudder to visualise a dark and sloppy place infested with beetles and with a slut in charge.
Ramadan is about to conclude its journey, with its beauteous phase of the last days.
I wonder what it would cost to become the literary lover of GoT's beauteous Queen Daenerys, leader of an army of 8,000 eunuchs and mother of three dragons?
But crucially, Pountney is probably a good deal less obsessed with the way she looks than her beauteous 'best friend.