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a United States youth subculture of the 1950s

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A: When people think of beatniks, everybody recognizes the berets, the goatees, the bongos, but there was never really a show about them.
You read about these nigras and beatniks roaming around" (134).
One must wonder how much perhaps Ferlinghetti himself, as a powerful man of letters, has censored and eliminated critique of the Beatniks from the agora of ideas.
You could hire one poetry-reading Beatnik for half-an-hour at EUR15, EUR200 got you three beatniks playing bongos and guitars.
But fans were also treated to new compositions from his latest CD Beat Cafe, including a beatnik jazz rendition of poet Dylan Thomas's Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.
The trend was firmly established a year later, in 1960, when Adam Faith (another ardent quiffer) starred in the cult film Beat Girl, the story of a teenager who falls in with a beatnik crowd.
Patience, Sean Penn Blues and the magnificent Speedboat took most of the beatniks at the sold-out Barras back to their west end bedsits in 1984.
Surfers, beatniks, hippies, the Manson family, LA Satanism, '60s gurus, drugs, orgies .
Her all-American boyfriend Roger Spaulding (Tom Lund), football players, poetry-spouting beatniks, surfers and a leather-clad gang of small girls, the Barracudas, rally their forces to save the beach from the atomic attackers.
Rock 'n' roll motorcycle gangs, hallucinating psychiatrists and beatniks out for kicks are not usually associated with polite English-Canadian films, but these lowbrow characters were Canada's sole voice in the hostile feature film climate of the late 1950s.
The venue will be Temple Bar Music Centre with DJ sets from Les Rhythmes Digitales' Jacques Lu Cont and Ireland's own Neil from Dirty Beatniks booked for the February 19 opening night.
Ryder describes her parents as "1960s intellectual beatniks.
Beatniks, mods and rockers, hippies and `flower people' were not just confined to London.
For an installation at the California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco, pictures of beatniks led to those of Mexican muralists, Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz, and Jarrett Mitchell, an artist in residence at CCAC.
It's a crime melodrama involving the then fashionable movie beatniks and an older brother's solving of the murder of his younger brother who had been fed ground glass in a hamburger.