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a member of the beat generation

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Hide is a strong theme in the Beatnik look, and I love the plump cushions of the Caruso sofa from Barker and Stonehouse.
The Beatnik look combines distressed wood with rich leathers and unusual patterns for a perfect poetic balance
Nikki Beatnik is one of Europe's most sought after female DJs, said organisers.
Add zest to your tuxedo park party, rent a beatnik, completely equipped: beard, eye shades, old army jacket, frayed jeans, sneakers or sandals (optional).
Accessories must be monochrome and don't wear beatnik if you have a tan.
Both the QUALCOMM and Beatnik solutions provide wireless operators and content providers with increased revenue-generating opportunities by delivering the latest audio content formats as well as supporting existing audio or multimedia formats, while allowing consumers to preserve their investment in existing content libraries.
In October 1958, Taylor's wife, Yvonne, formed Taylor-Roffman Productions and immediately signed on as a co-producer for The Bloody Brood, a beatnik crime flick.
a provider of enhanced audio solutions and content for the digital devices, games and the Web, has bundled the Beatnik Player with the Japanese version of the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC from Compaq Computer Corporation.
musician Susie Ibarra's lively drumming in the background lends a beatnik ambience.
During the keynote address, Thomas Dolby Robertson, the founder of Beatnik Inc.
Jack Kerouac hated the term beatnik, coined by San Francisco columnist Herb Caen in 1958.
Headspace has licensed its Beatnik converter technology and the Headspace audio engine at its core to the likes of Netscape Communications Corp, Microsoft Corp's WebTV Networks Inc, Be Inc and Sun Microsystems Inc's Java division, among others.
Too young to be a beatnik, too young to be a hippie, I missed out on the show and the showman.
Since the '60s the American Centre has evolved from nebulous beatnik origins in the Boulevard Raspail in Montparnasse to a fully fledged, funded and formalised institution in the newly reconstituted eastern quartier of Bercy.
A Comprehensive Method Book for Improving Timing, Rhythmic and Dynamic Performance Skills, The Beatnik Exercise Encyclopedia for Drummers is Designed for Best Results When Used in Conjunction with the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer Practice Pad