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  • noun

Synonyms for beating

Synonyms for beating

a punishment dealt with blows or lashes

the act of defeating or the condition of being defeated

Synonyms for beating

the act of overcoming or outdoing

the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows

References in classic literature ?
He will come up the river and will give tongue about the beatings.
I'll teach you to put your hands on my boy, you beast," roared the sa- loon keeper, who, tired of beating the master, had begun to kick him about the yard.
Then, a score of others ran into the midst of these, beating their breasts, tearing their hair, and screaming, Foulon alive
came the pike-staff, smiting him soundly and beating down his guard.
The great bulls were dancing in the moonlight, leaping in an irregular circle about the flat-topped earthen drum about which three old females sat beating its resounding top with sticks worn smooth by long years of use.
I'm not going to hear my father called a beast,' said John with a beating heart, feeling that he risked the last sound rivet of the chain that bound him to life.
I scrambled out at last on the westward bank, and with my heart beating loudly in my ears, crept into a tangle of ferns to await the issue.
I could hear a number of noises almost like those in an engine shed; and the place rocked with that beating thud.
There you will be beaten at every turn; that is good manners there, the visitors don't know how to be friendly without beating you.
The different strips are now extended, one by one, in successive layers, upon some smooth surface--generally the prostrate trunk of a cocoanut tree--and the heap thus formed is subjected, at every new increase, to a moderate beating, with a sort of wooden mallet, leisurely applied.
The humming of the gnats that danced above the eddies of the stream, the beating of the dragon flies' wings, the strokes of the water spiders' legs, like oars which had lifted their boat -- all these made audible music.
To choose time, is to save time; and an unseasonable motion, is but beating the air.
He could not help his heart beating at each double knock of the postman in case there might be a letter from Mildred sent on by his landlady in London; but he knew that there would be none.
Infantry regiments, we are told, advanced to the attack with music and with drums beating, and killed and lost thousands of men.
Out they toddled from rugged Avila, wide-eyed and helpless-looking as two fawns, but with human hearts, already beating to a national idea; until domestic reality met them in the shape of uncles, and turned them back from their great resolve.