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Synonyms for beatify

make blessedly happy

declare (a dead person) to be blessed

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Some have also complained of a "discrepancy" in beatifying the "authoritarian" Pius IX alongside the "Good Pope," John XXIII.
After beatifying Teresa Bracco, who was strangled and shot in 1944 by a Nazi soldier who tried to rape her during the German occupation, the pope said the 20-year-old Piedmont woman as "a message of hope for those whose struggle to go counter-current to the spirit of the world.
At the opening of the Mass, Sfeir asked the papal delegate permission before beatifying Nehmeh.
Pope John Paul yesterday added six more people to the ranks of Catholics on the path to possible sainthood, beatifying 19th and 20th century Europeans and South Americans at a ceremony in St Peter's Square.
At the same time, Lacunza told NCR April 30, while d'Aviano may be exemplary for his fidelity, one can ask whether beatifying him now is an unnecessary mode of "adding fuel to the fire.