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Synonyms for beatify

make blessedly happy

declare (a dead person) to be blessed

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Pope John Paul II was to beatify Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac Oct.
In fact he admired Pius IX so much that he wanted to beatify him 40 years ago but lacked the time to do so.
Moreover, 19 theologians, who in the past have challenged the Magisterium of the Church, have called on the Catholic Church not to beatify Pius IX.
In fact, his dream had been to be able to personally beatify Pius IX.
In September he goes to Slovenia to beatify Bishop Slomsek (1800-1862), an early worker for unity between Catholic and Orthodox Christians.
On his latest visit to Poland in July, the Holy Father will beatify over 100 people who were martyred during the Second World War.
There were so many of them, reports circulated around Saint Peter's that one of Pope Benedict's final acts would be to beatify religious correspondent "Holy" Joe Little.
The eyes of the world were on Birmingham when the Pope visited the city to beatify Cardinal Henry Newman in September 2010.
Last night, an all-night prayer vigil was held in Rome's Circus Maximus, featuring testimony from the French nun whose cure from Parkinson's disease was the miracle needed to beatify John Paul.
He is going to England to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman.
These three words sum up my reflections on Sunday's events at Cofton Park, when Pope Benedict came to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman.
Summary: Thousands will attend a special Mass later to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman as Pope Benedict completes his British tour.
POPE BENEDICT XVI will beatify John Henry Cardinal Newman on Sunday 19th September 2010 in Birmingham.