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a v i a Addressing thousands of cheering pilgrims at the city's scenic port, he beatified Marija Petkovic, who died in Rome in 1966 after founding a religious community that cared for impoverished children in Croatia and Latin America.
Pope John Paul hailed women for their "sensitivity, generosity and strength" yesterday as he beatified a Croatian nun who devoted her life to helping poor children.
3, 1943; she was beatified by Pope John Paul II on June 30, 1980, and given the title of ``blessed,'' the second step toward canonization, when Vatican officials verified her scars had disappeared.
Vatican--On October 28, the Catholic Church beatified 498 martyrs murdered by the Communist and nihilist militias before and during the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War, in the largest beatification ever.
It probably helps that Spooner's shirt pays homage to the beatified priest in a tasteful and respectful way, whereas Victoria's Secret bikini "strategically" placed the Buddha on sensitive areas of the female anatomy.
But she is said to have performed the miracle since being beatified last October by Pope John Paul II in front of a 300,000 crowd.
The Pope beatified six people yesterday, adding founders of religious orders and two teenage Ugandan missionary 'martyrs' to the swelling ranks of those on the path to possible sainthood.
Pope John Paul II beatified Kateri Tekakwitha 300 years after her death, declaring her blessed and making her a candidate for sainthood.
Also to be beatified will be the theologian and philosopher Ft.
After he is beatified, a second miracle would be required for canonization.
Michelangelo, Rafael, Mozart, and many other Catholic artists who have created some of the world's most famous religious masterpieces have never been beatified or canonized.
The Pope has already made saints of 477 people, and beatified another 1,318, sparking complaints of a "saints factory".
Among those beatified was Edward Poppe, a Belgian who died in 1924 and whom the Pope called a model for fellow priests.
As of 1995, according to the latest full report issued by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the pope had canonized 276 saints and beatified 768 people, making him by far the most prolific saint-maker in history.