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Any scholar interested in the history of beatific enjoyment in the Latin West during the Middle Ages would be well advised to consult Kitanov's book.
He also stated that the good ones will be raptured and will be joined in celestial beatific bliss with Christ while the sinners of the world will be left to face extinction a few months from now.
I have been fascinated by the beatific face of Bahubali Swami at Sravanbelagola in Karnataka," he says.
In its origin, All Saints' was considered the catch-all celebration of all the named and nameless martyrs who have been ushered in to the beatific vision.
Rhodes presides over the good-natured anarchy like a culinary Fagin, his beatific grin at times threatening to stretch so far you rather worry (okay, hope) the top half of his head will detach completely and plop to the floor like an underdone souffle.
Kieran Donnelly is the bearded, beatific Princess Seraphina and Sam Ford a saucy Eros who at one point is the uncomplaining centrepiece of an all-male threesome.
I don't care about them," she added with a beatific smile.
This is because All Souls' Day is largely about helping the holy souls in purgatory attain the Beatific Vision of heaven.
In Dog Language, sex, drugs, and their pleasures and despairs are matter-of-factly present, producing neither guilt nor beatific ecstasy.
I'll just sit watching the tennis with a beatific smile, responding politely when excitable middle-class ladies, who've had one too many Pimm, start calling for a song.
Portman fights valiantly with her accent as Anne repeatedly knifes her in the back and Johansson revisits her beatific, much abused heroine from Girl With A Pearl Earring.
Bailey located "normal" items such as birthday telegrams and a card where an SS guard, while on station at the Buchenwald concentration camp, sends a Christmas card depicting a beatific Hitler admiring a Christmas tree.
In the opening episode, Kate Winslet is playing a beatific nun in a Holocaust film the pair are working on when she overhears Maggie saying her new boyfriend likes phone sex.
To that point, Costa exemplifies the conflicting Catholic and Protestant views about the fate of souls after death: whether there is an immediate judgement, whether they sleep until the Universal Judgement, and whether some are privileged with a beatific vision before then.
And now that Ecstasy is the name of one of the most popular recreational drugs on the planet, a phenethylamine capable of delivering its own beatific intensities, we can see how far we have come.