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a worker who rouses wild game from under cover for a hunter

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an implement for beating

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The dreadful death of the unlucky beater, shot in the thicket like a wild animal, had seemed to him to pre-figure death for himself also.
The real Lord Greystoke had not two guns, to be sure, nor even one, neither did he have a smart loader; but he possessed something infinitely more efficacious than guns, or loaders, or even twenty-three beaters in white smocks--he possessed an appetite, an uncanny woodcraft, and muscles that were as steel springs.
We recently introduced an attractive new bonus structure and I'm keen to bring in several new panel beaters to build on our success.
The blaze, which started near the Waterfall Station yesterday, was quickly extinguished by firefighters who used beaters to tackle it.
Football supporters are familiar with squad single Back Home, which spent three weeks at No 1, but the long-player - titled e World Beaters Sing e World Beaters - has been quietly gathering dust after failing to nd favour with fans.
The album, 'The World Beaters Sing The World Beaters' will be re-released by BMG on June 9.
On a few rare occasions she has been able to shoot as a part of a shooting day just for the beaters.
4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Egg Beaters is putting a classic breakfast combination - eggs and cheese - in a nutritious and convenient package with new Egg Beaters Three Cheese.
The lack of space or land is one of the major obstacles informal panel beaters are faced with.
But for the last 18 years of living and camping in the Mojave, I've learned to cherish beaters, especially bolt guns.
The next time you're planning a party, Lickin' The Beaters 2 offers many ideas.
Clover Leaf Panel Beaters in Harare has become an approved General Motors (GM) body repair centre.
LOCAL music promoters The Killing Suite have announced a gig for next month featuring French indie-dance/electro outfit Naive New Beaters.
Charming, cartoony black-and-white drawings illustrate Lickin' the Beaters, a pint-sized cookbook of delectable low fat vegan desserts.
To our knowledge this is the first documentation of a Willet using other birds as beaters and the first case of Willets stealing from White Ibis, although many records exist of Willets stealing from other shorebirds.