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a worker who rouses wild game from under cover for a hunter

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an implement for beating

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The keen aromatic air, the brown and red lights that glimmered in the wood, the hoarse cries of the beaters ringing out from time to time, and the sharp snaps of the guns that followed, fascinated him and filled him with a sense of delightful freedom.
The real Lord Greystoke had not two guns, to be sure, nor even one, neither did he have a smart loader; but he possessed something infinitely more efficacious than guns, or loaders, or even twenty-three beaters in white smocks--he possessed an appetite, an uncanny woodcraft, and muscles that were as steel springs.
Panel beater Andy Craig has worked there as part of Allied's success story for more than a decade.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Beater Wheel For Mills Type N-110-60 Completely Machined And Assembled Ready For Installation Balanced And Preserved But Without Beater Plates And Armours (Covering And Retaining Plates) Clockwise And Anti Clockwise 2 Items
It whisks, mixes and kneads beautifully and comes complete with a range of attachments, including the iconic K Beater, Whisk, Dough Hook and Creaming Beater, so you can make light work of cakes, bakes, biscuits and breads at the turn of a dial.
World Beater, their latest creation, would be hitting the App Store soon.
The mechanism is comprised of the housing with removable wear plates on the inner diameter, a flat plate and a beater plate often referred to as a "wear plate with teeth.
When the college basketball season begins, so will ESPN Buzzer Beater on the same channel.
We're going to beat up that woman beater, the one that beat up his wife, man.
you have to be invited, and it was through Knight that Lavier was invited to act as a beater on her November trips.
One remarkable old beater rifle that Venola somehow missed is the Arisaka Type 99.
based KitchenAid say the Flex Edge Beater blends ingredients quickly and thoroughly while minimizing the need to manually scrape the sides of the bowl while mixing.
By casually and ignorantly trying to decree a heroic and iconic status on a man such as Moat - a wife beater, child beater, bully and killer - insults our nation as well as its real heroes and heroines.
Cross Keys, too, entered into the spirit of things, their lively scrum-half James Lead beater a quick and inventive operator.
A Yorkshire brewer has made its seasonal Grouse Beater ale available to the off-trade following on-trade Success.