beat down

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Synonyms for beat down

persuade the seller to accept a lower price

shine hard

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dislodge from a position

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Shoulder tendinitis, illness and a maddening lack of run support have conspired to beat down the erstwhile Padres ace, leaving him with a deflated win total and a bloated ERA.
I saw these dudes get hit straight in the face with a truck, and dude's just lying on the ground bleeding and getting beat down, but the cops ended up coming.
Thousands of people from near and far Waiting for the bass man Steve Roberts to play guitar I sat on the grass and laid on my back As the sun beat down I heard the music of Tramp Attack.
As a CPA/financial planner you could be the best around, but if no one knows it, clients aren't going to beat down your door.
In the heat, it may be tempting to jump in the shower and let ice cold water beat down on you.
It knows how to beat down potential opposition, but it doesn't know how to manage the system it's got.
AS the rain beat down in Gwynedd, the site of the Faenol Festival was turned into a mudbath.
Think of how outraged whites were after Seattle police beat down dozens of middle-class, predominately white protesters at the World Trade Organization conference in early 2000.