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the quality of being deliberately mean

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Prince Promising (Toby Lord), the handsome royal looking for a wife, spurns a Wicked Witch, and is condemned to monstrous beastliness until a woman loves him and releases him from the spell.
There is no beastliness in his books, but there is lots of action and a wholesome worldview--a perfect antidote for students who have learned to hate reading from being forced to endure the drivel produced by the Can Lit establishment.
Given that Prendick sees animality in all people upon his return to London, this novel insists that beastliness is located not just in foreign realms in the shape of exotic animals or cannibals but also in the human inhabitants of contemporary England.
Those who make chemical weapons and know that the bomb is the most painful method to kill human beings have not crossed the borders of beastliness, and are rather thousands of times worse than being an animal," Ahmadinejad said in Tehran on Saturday.
Most of the male heads which Souza painted throughout his career apparently contain a reflection of the Minotaur in the extreme distortion and an almost surrealist deformation of the visage, making these representations hover somewhere on the borderline between beastliness and pathos.
Human Beastliness in all its branches" (E 614), exactly the savagery Christ came to abolish--that Samson's massacre of three thousand Philistine men and women could hardly be exempt.
Battening on the Stupidity of and Beastliness of Males
One of her attributes is the comforts of civilization which enable humankind to give up the ways of wild beasts, both in terms of diet and in the beastliness of their behavior.
62) In the cubist mode, the facial features are rendered as visual containers of beastliness, otherness, and freakishness, and they are of a social pathology, one that has infected the natural habitat of humanity, impossibly reducing it to a state of animality--mental and physical degeneration inscribed on the face.
And your behaviour and all-round beastliness through the night has lead to the usage of The Spare Room.
Goliath's ungodliness and beastliness not only require him to lose the battle to David, they are justification for David cutting off his head and taking it to Jerusalem.
Ronconi's wanted to bring out the overt greed and latent beastliness in Magnifico, and in this was abetted by Diappi, who styled Magnifico's hairdo to look like a fox's head.
Forer does a masterful job of deconstructing denial with example after example of naked and incontrovertible facts, showing time after time behavior on the part of Israelis that is unspeakable in its sadism and beastliness.
Both ignore the fact that politics is "the art of the possible" in a particular situation and that the political importance of these ideas has far more to do with their acceptance by a populace than with the beauty or beastliness of their ideological proponents.