beast of burden

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an animal such as a donkey or ox or elephant used for transporting loads or doing other heavy work

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Their topics include means of transactions in trans-Saharan trade described in Arabic sources until the 16th century, the sociocultural and economic exchange between the Augila Oasis and the Cyrenaican Bedouin in Libya's eastern Sahara as a centuries-long symbiotic relationship, weapons and smugglers throughout Western Sahara from the anti-colonial resistance to the First World War, the transition of camels from a beast of burden to a commodity in the trans-Saharan trade between Chad and Libya, and Libyan novelist Ibrahim al-Koni's atlas of the Sahara.
I am Equus: Understanding the Horse's Potential through Everyday Encounters" is a guide to understanding the horse, and how to realize that it's more than just a stupid beast of burden, but a creature with emotions and desires all its own.
Israel unveiled a beast of burden to help soldiers and it expects lots of buyers.
Clearly, current conditions are once again calling for the conservation of the Filipino farmer's beast of burden," Escudero said.
Horse: How the Horse Has Shaped Civilizations" is the tale of this beast of burden and how it has shaped the cultural evolution of humanity through the ages, whether through practical use or as a source of inspiration.
A dirty filter steals power and forces this beast of burden to struggle while digging or scooping a load.
But the signs are that the humble beast of burden is finally becoming a great deal more desirable on this side of the Atlantic too - ensuring that the arrival of Ford's new Ranger flagship will be greeted with curiosity beyond the pages of the farming and trade journals.
The mule (horse/donkey mix) has been a beast of burden for centuries.
For those tired of feeling like a beast of burden when heading out to the beach or picnic, there's the Dunebuggy from Lifestyle Fascination, Lakewood, NJ Small enough to fit into any trunk easily, this comfy yet sturdy marvel unfolds from a lounge chair into a cart that effortlessly rolls up to 75 pounds of food, drink, clothes, etc.
The beast of burden transformation begins in earnest.
Black skin had become linked with slavery and with the worst manual labor, and hence to be black was to be more like a beast of burden than a thinking human being, fit for freedom and citizenship.
Only around 1,500 of those will be in the UK, but for those with deep pockets who want a safe, responsive estate that won't get stuck in a rut, this beast of burden looks like a natural choice.
Imagine Robinson Crusoe waking to find that he's a beast of burden on Animal Farm, and you've got the general idea.
The animal has been domesticated for 8,000 years, providing man with meat, dairy products, leather and labor as a beast of burden.
Hodges' 16 impressively large, chestnut-colored mules belie every clich[acute{e}] you've ever heard and every cartoonish stereotype you've ever seen depicting the mule as a stubborn, stupid, stocky beast of burden.