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Synonyms for bear


bring yourself to


give birth to



bear down on someone


bear down on something or someone

bear on something


bear with someone


Synonyms for bear

to hold up

to sustain the weight of

to hold on one's person

to move while supporting

to cause to come along with oneself

to hold and turn over in the mind

to be endowed with as a visible characteristic or form

to conduct oneself in a specified way

to give birth to

to bring forth (a product)

to exert pressure


to proceed in a specified direction

bear on: to be pertinent

bear up: to withstand stress or difficulty

Synonyms for bear

an investor with a pessimistic market outlook

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Related Words

move while holding up or supporting

bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year"

take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person

have on one's person


Related Words

have rightfully


Related Words

support or hold in a certain manner

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The generally steady rise in mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures bears witness to the liberalization of standards as does the moderate rise in loans with LTVs in excess of 97%.
Able to affirm the reality of her presence--of the absent him whose voice, unlike hers, might be listened to--she bears witness to the sound of the water and its meaning for her life.
Jacques Lamotte, Executive Vice-President, Bombardier Transportation, commented on the occasion: "Bombardier is proud of this new order, as it once again bears witness to the trust that a high-profile operator like RATP has invested in us.
Our own client base bears witness to the appetite professional investors have for companies with projected earnings in the $20 million range - especially when they are capitalized below $5 million.
The launch of our new digital terrestrial platform with the support of CANAL+TECHNOLOGIES bears witness to our trust in their solutions and expertise.
We believe this bears witness to our unparalleled investments in client satisfaction, and our dedication to the advent of technologies and consultative services that enable such a high premium of client support.
And our rapid progress in Germany bears witness to an effective strategy of expansion.
National Bank is proud of its contribution to this unique initiative which bears witness to the creative and dynamic spirit of Quebec and Canadian institutions.
amp;uot;We believe ATV investor confidence, as demonstrated by investments in ATV VI, bears witness to our depth of industry knowledge, which is deeply rooted in firsthand experience at successful start-up ventures,&uot; said Michael E.
peers, and bears witness to Amica's strong underwriting.