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a sauce like hollandaise but made with white wine and tarragon and shallots instead of lemon juice

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When ready to serve, place 4 grilled artichoke hearts in the center of each plate, and top each with a filet Drizzle Bearnaise Sauce over each filet and top with crab meat Garnish with parsley and green onions.
I managed to fit in a 10oz ribeye steak, fat chips, onion rings, Portobello mushroom, grilled tomato and bearnaise sauce, followed by a beautiful Granny Smith apple and rhubarb crumble with clotted cream ice cream.
For our mains we had rib eye steak with roast tomato, a flat cap mushroom, chunky chips and a bearnaise sauce and also salad with Jersey royal potatoes, topped with lamb jus.
Mains included chargrilled sirloin of beef with chips, a rocket and Parmesan salad and bearnaise sauce (PS13.
It's rare that a tenderly-cooked, juicy rib-eye steak with bearnaise sauce can be bettered in this reviewer's eyes, but my friend's roast monkfish with lobster potatoes and mussels was a food- envy oversight - both dishes were without flaw.
To remind you of the French, in between a brioche they have placed a melt-in-the-mouth fillet mignon(prime beef steaks) glazed with bearnaise sauce.
A Bearnaise sauce is really just hollandaise with tarragon through it.
Serve the bearnaise sauce in a little copper saucepan or a ramekin.
95) with bearnaise sauce, green beans and au gratin potatoes; marinated chicken under a brick ($18.
Earlier this year, the regime banned programs showing how to cook western dishes in what appeared to be an extension of the established campaign against the Western cultural invasion that has now made bearnaise sauce a threat to Iranian society.
Pushing to the back of my mind how many calories I had already wolfed down with the camembert, I ordered a bearnaise sauce (pounds 2) to go with it.
Having not had a steak for many months it was a treat, cooked medium well, it was pink and tender and enhanced by the deep flavours of duck egg bearnaise sauce which was packed with super-finely chopped fresh herbs.
The steak fries are fantastically salty and herby, but there were also a couple of let-downs on the sides: a truffled mashed potato had all the scent but none of the flavour of the enigmatic mushroom, while I found my bearnaise sauce to be far too foamy rather than the artery-slicking buttery sauce I prefer.
While the 8-ounce filet mignon with bearnaise sauce is the restaurant's most popular steak, we ordered the 12-ounce filet ($38) planning to split it at the table.
From a Chicken Pontalba with ham, onions and bearnaise sauce to Steak and Eggs Delmonica and even Turtle Soup, fresh regional ingredients blend with Emeril's innovations to celebrate New Orleans cuisine.