bearing wall

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any wall supporting a floor or the roof of a building

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In examples where this central bearing wall was extended to the ridge line, only half the attic is exposed, and the central wall carries more of the roof load.
The masonry bearing wall and concrete plank building has 126 units ranging in size from 450 to 850 square feet, providing studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments.
To link old and new spaces, the old exterior bearing wall was made nonbearing: Armantrout had steel Y-posts fabricated at a welding shop to support both old and new roof sections.
000 mA;Pitch markings 2,000 mA;Linoleum devices bearing wall tiles 110 sqm.
The terminal building was constructed with a structural steel frame and masonry bearing walls, brick veneer exterior, asphalt shingle roof and radiant floor heat.
A determination has to be made whether the combination will have an impact on load bearing walls, relocation of risers and vents as well as, plumbing, heating and electrical lines.
The presence of a courtyard together with thick cement-brick bearing walls ensures an internal comfortable environment especially in summer.
New steel skeletons were designed within the original envelope using existing bearing walls and wood trusses to support the roofs.