bearing metal

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an alloy (often of lead or tin base) used for bearings


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1978) Magnesium in electric steel and some physico-chemical aspects of problem concerning the production of bearing metal range with programmed composition and content of nonmetallic inclusions.
1983) Physicochemical principles of processes of globular inclusion formation in bearing metal.
Its 220-pound load bearing metal frame collapses to save space.
Open Competition: Implementation of Fire-retardant treatment of bearing metal structures such as "MARCHI" supports the roof (floor) market salesroom object SUE "Riga market".
said Tuesday it will supply bearing metal for 2-liter engines for a car to be jointly produced by Ford Motor Co.
Japan's top bearing metals manufacturer, based in Nagoya, attributed the downward revision to a company, to which its U.
This is possible because the lubricating oil's high viscosity (and lubricating capability) is maintained by water cooling the dust stop and because super hard bearing metals are used on the rotating frictional surfaces.
The applications of indium and its compounds are widespread, ranging from the use of the elements in alloys, bearing metals and solders, to the more recent interest in InP, InAs and similar materials in the electronics industry.