bearing false witness

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criminal offense of making false statements under oath

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The two commandments not yet considered are the ones that prohibit stealing and bearing false witness.
The famous justice cycles formerly in the city halls of Brussels, Leuven, and Bruges each represented wrongful actions, such as bearing false witness or accepting a bribe.
This future Moderator of the United Church would have done well to heed the Ninth Commandment, which deals with bearing false witness.
Only three of the commandments prohibit actual criminal conduct: killing, stealing, and bearing false witness.
Lying is not exactly forbidden in the Bible, except for that Ninth Commandment about not bearing false witness against thy neighbor.
Well, I would like to pass a few laws that would ban lying and bearing false witness and all of that," Thomas said.
Now, Hefin, if you would be so kind as to tell me what the Bible says about bearing false witness.
In Dade County, such fraudulent practices led to the arrest of the leader of the Miami-Dade Christian Coalition, Anthony Verdugo, for bearing false witness to the authenticity of signatures he obtained.