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the largest Eurasian bird of prey

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The programme reveals its enormous influence on day-to-day living, how it has shaped Indian culture and religion, and why it attracts a vast array of wildlife including snow leopards, Asiatic brown bears and huge bearded vultures.
We describe a case of reverse mounting in a polyandrous trio of Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus barbatus).
Soaring in the skies above are lammergeyer, or bearded vultures, frequently hauling massive bones into the air and dropping them to the ground so they shatter and expose their highly-coveted nutritious marrow.
High in the skies, lammergeyer - bearded vultures - ride the air currents, taking marrow-filled bones up into the sky before dropping them and smashing them on the ground below, exposing the juicy marrow.
Background: There are three large vulture species in Europe: the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus); black vulture (Aegypius monachos); and bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus).