bearded seal

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medium-sized greyish to yellow seal with bristles each side of muzzle

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There have been fewer than 20 records of the bearded seal - which can weigh up to 250 kilos - in Britain.
The comparison of manual analysis results to automated detector results revealed that a minimum of three narwhal, seven sperm whale, 97 beluga whale, and four bearded seal detections were required per file for the species to be considered present at that time.
It has been proposed that this displacement is related to the high vitamin A accumulation (natural storage) in Ito cell cytoplasmic lipid droplets and hepatocytes, accumulated through the extensive feeding on blubber from ringed seal and bearded seal (Kakela et al.
Kazutoshi Arai, an official at the Kamogawa Seaworld aquarium park in Chiba Prefecture, said he cannot tell if the bearded seal is Tama-chan, and expressed doubt about police reports that there may have been two seals.
Three species of seals were important in much of the Canadian Arctic archipelago and Greenland: ringed seals, bearded seals and harp seals.
There the boy stayed in the seals' qasgiq, where an adult bearded seal hosted him and taught him to view the human world from the seals' point of view.
A photo and a video of the bearded seal lounging on the runway was shared by Scott Babcock on Facebook.
250 Weight in kilos that can be reached by bearded seals 15 Number of years since only other report of a bearded seal in Ireland
The presence of ringed and bearded seal calls throughout winter and spring suggests that some portion of their population is overwintering.
The first ever record of a bearded seal in Northumberland since records began has been logged at Beadnell beach.
That means more food for wildlife specialized to feed from the ocean floor--species like walrus, bearded seal, gray whales, and deep-diving sea birds.
Some 20 people gathered to watch the bearded seal, named after the Tama River in which it was first spotted Aug.
The Pacific bearded seal is one of the two subspecies of (http://www.
The team also represented AOGA and API in the successful challenge to NMFS threatened listing of the bearded seal under the ESA, in a case decided by Judge Beistline in July 2014.
The installation is accompanied by a soundscape by Max Eastley, featuring sounds recorded in the Arctic, such as bearded seal songs, the wind, the ice melting and underwater walruses.