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Synonyms for bearded

Synonyms for bearded

having hair on the cheeks and chin

having a growth of hairlike awns

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The bearded dragon is currently being closely monitored.
Because of General-turned-President Al-Sisi's heavy-handed treatment of the Brotherhood and his new jihad for 'Moderate Islam', lots of bearded Brotherhood men shaved or went underground away from the public eye.
Bearded Gordon Allan, 52, from | Woolton PICTURES BY ANDREW TEEBAY
and anyway, a bearded lady isn't even the strangest thing we have seen in couture fashion, where dresses can cost more than classic cars and can be even harder to look after.
There was the haunting sound of Beard Accessory Store and the more upbeat rock ballad they ended with called You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man.
But once David Beckham did it, the bearded footballer became commonhumorous bearded fo otballer became commmon mm place.
com)-- The Bearded Dragon is a fantastic option for beginners as this pet is easily tamed.
Bindernagel is chronicling his bearded adventures through his recently created website, http://www.
Troublesome too, for this impressively bearded man, is the prospect of a bacon sandwich smothered in brown sauce.
The Takamatsu High Court on Monday rejected a former Naruto city assemblyman's suit against the Tokushima prefectural election commission, saying he lost by one vote to a bearded candidate described by some voters on their ballots simply as ''bearded'' candidate.
NEWHALL - A pair of bearded dragons clung to 3-year-old Sissy Pickett like an infant would grab hold of its mother.
A third of clean-shaven company directors and 17 per cent of bearded directors believe that there is a prejudice against men with beards in business.
Montaigne carefully notes that even before her metamorphosis, Marie was "remarkable for having a little more hair about her chin than the other girls; they called her bearded Marie" (6).
Supermarket chiefs told John that beards were not only unhygienic but put off shoppers and, amazingly, when John took the store to an employment tribunal the court upheld the shop's narrow-minded right not to employ bearded men.